Certified Weight Loss Doctor:
Building a Healthier You

Our certified weight loss doctor is dedicated to helping you construct a sustainable health plan so we can nurture a happier, robust, and more resilient you.

Weight Loss Doctor in Michigan

Losing Weight with NOIP’s help

A hefty chunk of health issues can be attributed to detrimental health habits. A sedentary lifestyle and destructive eating patterns are common denominators in several illnesses. Health risks like type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancers, cardiovascular disease, etc. are often side effects of a disruptive routine. Weight loss programs, supervised by a qualified weight loss doctor, are built to counter this problem, ensuring none of the consequential diseases come to the surface.

Why Choose NOIP for Consultation with Weight Loss Doctor in Michigan

Losing weight is tricky and planning along with supervising it is even trickier. You need to make sure that the plan is safe, as in it does not result in drastic consequences, and easy to follow while maintaining it long term. We have selected and placed board-certified weight loss doctors in Michigan to oversee your health journey and ensure that you remain safe during the entire process.

Our Weight Loss Program

We have developed a weight loss program that actually works! Several clients, who have gone through this program, have reported consistent positive results with an increased capability of sustaining the routine.

We start off by performing an in-depth evaluation of your health. Our weight loss doctor asks you some basic questions about yourself. They might even recommend some tests in case there are health conditions they need to equate into the plan. Once all the pertinent information about you has been gathered, our weight loss doctors will devise a diet and exercise plan fitting to your needs. You will be prescribed a very-low calorie during the first 12 weeks. Then a more stable low-calorie diet will be established, personalized to your needs. Simultaneously, patients are started off with a light to moderate physical activity, which is then intensified as time goes on.


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A weight loss doctor is called bariatrician. They specialize in medically and non-surgically treating obesity, along with conditions and diseases that result from it.

Typically, you can find a good weight loss doctor by just typing “weight loss doctor near me”, otherwise reputable institutes also provide quality weight loss programs.

According to CDC you should aim to lose 4 to 8 pounds in a month, anything more than that should be investigated.

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