Pre Operation – First Step to
Ensuring Successful Surgery

Getting a Pre Operation helps doctors point out health concerns lurking within your body, along with ensuring that it is safe to put you on the operation table.

Pre-Operation - Preoperative Exam in Michigan

What is a Pre Operation Process?

A pre operation is a pre-surgical process that counts as the first step to your operation procedure. It allows your doctor to gauge whether you can be put under anesthesia and be taken through the extensive surgical process, while determining how much recovery time you would need. They screen you for any underlying health issues that need to be catered to, or prepared for, before taking you through the operation procedure.

Details of Pre-Op

All preoperative procedures start off with the doctor gathering basic information about you like your medical history, any pre-existing conditions, and current medication intake. You will be asked a variety of medical related questions to gain a better understanding of your physical/health condition. Typically, a pre op surgery would consist of blood tests, x-rays, and other standard procedure tests. However, if needed, you doctor might schedule you for some specialized tests as well.

Why Choose NOIP for Pre Operation Consultation in Michigan

Procedures like pre op surgery are complicated and intricate, hence they should be administered by an institution that has spent years of research and training perfecting these mechanisms. They should be headed by healthcare professionals who are certified and experienced in such pivotal procedures. Make sure that the clinic or healthcare institution you are picking for your pre operation is trustworthy and reputable.

NOIP handpicks its professionals, anyone who is not board certified does not pass through our screening test. We have invested heavily in obtaining state-of-the-art medical instruments that deliver accurate results and ensure patients’ physical safety along with comfort. Our doctors give the patients a rundown of all the tests that they will be taken through and why. Specialized tests will be thoroughly explained, and patient consent will be actively sought.


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Performed upon the request of a surgeon, a preoperative examination ensures a patient is healthy enough to undergo surgery through various tests.

Typically, a pre-op takes place 3 to 7 days before a surgery. During this time your doctor will take you through the entire process and establish a guarantee of surgical success within you.

A pre operation gives healthcare professionals the opportunity to collect pertinent information on the patient’s health, and decide whether they can be led straight into surgery.

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