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NOIP has made overcoming uncomfortable indigestion symptoms easier. Through our doctor’s undivided and perceptive focus, you can get more out of your indigestion remedies.

Indigestion Medicine

Understanding Indigestion Symptoms

Indigestion refers to the discomfort you feel in your upper abdomen. Rather than a specific disease, indigestion is an amalgam of symptoms like feeling full after a few bites (with that feeling sometimes lasting longer than it should), a burning sensation in the abdominal area, along with abdominal pain. However, you should immediately visit your doctor if you are noticing more rabid symptoms like unintentional weight loss, consistent vomiting, issues with swallowing, or fatigue.

How Indigestion Remedies Work?

In most cases, indigestion tends to go away on its own after a couple of hours. However, visit your local healthcare provider if you notice that your symptoms show no sign of backing down, or are progressively worsening. Your doctor will do a thorough analysis of your condition, to be able to specifically point out what is aggravating. They might as you to cut out something you are consuming or prescribe medicines that can bring instant relief.

Why choose NOIP

Regardless of the scale of your symptoms, you want a healthcare provider who would take a more compassionate approach to your concerns through undivided focus. NOIP’s board certified physicians are trained in building customer relationships to allow patients a safe space to divulge details of their symptoms.

They practice detail orientation when it comes to talking to the patient about their issues, advising on precautions, and practice medications. Thanks to our pre-booking facility our doctors can give more time to each patient, where they thoroughly explain the benefits of each lifestyle changes they recommend, along with the medications they are prescribing.


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Indigestion symptoms typically take the shape of mild to severe abdominal pain, burning sensations, bloating, or nausea.

You can either try over-the-counter indigestion medicine, or make lifestyle changes like avoiding caffeine and fatty foods, exercise etc. However, you should visit your doctor if the symptoms worsen.

Your physician might put your through certain tests such as stool ad blood tests, or upper endoscopy, along with x-rays of your stomach and small intestine etc.

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