Restoring Hearing Loss with NOIP’s
Reliable Hearing Test

NOIP’s hearing test is the first step to healing a hearing loss. We have developed a thoughtful and laser-focused process that help you manage this auditory issue.

Hearing Test in Michigan

What is a hearing test?

A hearing screening, also known as an audiometry evaluation, is a noninvasive and pain-free hearing test that evaluates a patient’s ability to hear sounds and pitches of various frequencies. Often patients who have a tumor within or around the ear might be recommended to undergo hearing test, or they could be asked to commit to a hearing test before and after a surgery. Your doctor might also want to evaluate your progress if they have prescribed you any hearing aids.

Why do you need a hearing test?

If you feel that you are experiencing a hearing loss, supported by the possibility that you are having trouble hearing people talk, or you have been told you raise the volume way too high, you would need a hearing test. Sometimes, if you are of a certain age your doctor might ask you to go through a hearing test because often hearing loss tends to go undetected. Hearing loss is a gradual process, and so you might think you are doing fine, when in fact your hearing might be slowly diminishing.

Why choose NOIP for hearing test in Michigan

NOIP has invested heavily in obtaining the best medical tools in the market. We invest endlessly on research in order to pick out the best medical professionals and equipment residing within the market and its advancing trends. We do this to ensure our patients remain comfortable with our service, and do not pose objection if they have to go through a prolonged healing procedure.

We have acquired the most high-quality hearing screening equipment money can buy. We aim to hit the nail in the head when diagnosing hearing issues in our patients, and get started on its management right away. Every single component of the process – the medical professional, the machinery, the doctor patient sessions, are all placed perceptively to maximize patient comfort.


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Choose a pair of headphones or device speakers and sit in a quiet area. Then test your right and left ears individually, making sure that the volume is set on a standard level.

Typically, an average cost of a hearing screening will rack up to $250. However, the cost entirely depends on the clinic and the complexity of the issue.

A board-certified audiologist – doctor of audiology specializes in everything related to hearing loss prevention, treatment, and diagnosis.

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