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Coping with Headaches

Headaches are a painful and troublesome issue affecting the brain that make it difficult to run a normal daily routine. Headaches crossing the 48-hour mark should be treated by a certified headache doctor. There are different types of headaches, with most of them being primary headaches. Migraines, tension, and cluster headaches are primary headaches. Chronic migraines typically occur for 15 or more days a month, and their duration expands farther than three months.

Treating Headaches

Less than 3 percent of headaches are secondary headaches, meaning they result from underlying causes like tumors, circulation, or an infection. Typically, your certified headache doctor might ask you to go through a CT scan, brain wave test, or an MRI. They might also perform blood tests before prescribing a treatment, to ensure your safety. Usually, your headache doctor will prescribe you medications, and advise lifestyle changes for instant headache relief.

Why Choose NOIP for Headache Relief in Michigan

NOIP takes a multidisciplinary team approach to gauge what is causing your headaches. Through various tests we evaluate your triggers and strategize the best medicinal and lifestyle solutions to enable instant relief that is sustainable. Yes, chronic headaches can be fatiguing and vicious, but our headache doctor will be with you every step of the way guiding and advising you on the best steps to speed up your healing. They will make space for consistent follow ups to make sure that your convalescence is going in the right direction.

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Headaches are generally classified into primary and secondary. Secondary headaches are contributors of less than 3% of headaches across the world, with primary headaches like sinus, tension, cluster, and migraine being the most commonly occurring types.

Typically, headache doctors are called neurologists. However, you might be referred to a different specialist depending on your diagnosis.

Getting yourself to a trusted medical center in your region, like NOIP, is your best bet to finding a certified, trustworthy headache doctor, and instant headache relief.

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