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With our cardiac stress test our physicians gauge your heart’s health, consequently devising a treatment plan to maintain, or boost, its robustness.

Cardiac Stress Test in Michigan

What is a Cardiac Stress Test?

A cardiac stress test, also called the exercise stress test, evaluates how your heart fares during a strenuous physical activity. Since workout makes your heart work harder to pump blood to your organs, an exercise stress test can reveal any issues that might hinder the cardiac cycle performance in the future.

Typically, a cardiac stress test consists of walking on the treadmill or riding a stationary bike while the physician monitors the rhythm of your heart, your breathing, along with your blood pressure. In certain conditions the medical professional might give you a drug that models the functions and effects of a vigorous exercise.

Why is it done?

Your doctor might recommend you go through a cardiac stress test for various reasons like diagnosing a coronary artery disease (CAD). CAD emerges when arteries become diseased or damaged. This usually happens due to accumulation of cholesterol and plaque deposits. Exercise Stress Tests also help diagnose heart rhythm issues which can occur when the signals that synchronize your heartbeat gets ruptured, causing your heart to beat too fast or too slow. Sometimes doctors might ask you to go through an exercise stress test to determine whether your current treatment plan is working.

Why Choose NOIP for Cardiac Stress Test in Michigan

Getting a cardiac stress test from a well-known clinic like NOIP can be a productive investment because our physicians will equip you with a well thought out treatment plan after the session. It will consider lifestyle changes, and also include any medications you need to be on. Our physicians lead with discussing everything with their patients in great detail so as to keep them comfortable during the test. They will relay to you why the test is important, and also go through the treatment plan.

We have developed an entire process of taking our clients through the cardiac stress test, starting from the significance of the test to discussing prevention methods. We ensure that we give our clients ample space to ask questions and relieve themselves of any confusion regarding the entire process.


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A cardiac stress test often consists of running on a treadmill with an electrocardiogram measuring their heart’s electrical activity.

Exercise stress tests can detect when their arteries are blocked. Usually, they detect this issue when the arteries are brimming with 70% or more blockage.

Often when a patient is not able to perform a strenuous exercise, the doctor would prescribe them a drug that mimics the workout.

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