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Living with Asthma

Asthma is a life-long lung condition that can be controlled but not cured. Patients with asthma have vulnerable airways that are highly reactive to triggers. An asthma attack is when a person’s sensitive airways react intensely to certain triggers. During such an attack the muscles around the airways tighten causing them to swell and become filled with mucus. This makes it difficult for the person to breath, and if it is not managed in time an asthma attack can become fatal.

Treating Asthma

The key to stopping asthma attacks is to get to them before they can begin, through prevention and long-term control. Your asthma doctor will help you identify triggers, and teach you steps on how to be vigilant about avoiding them. A certified asthma doctor will also advise you to track your breathing, make sure you are taking all your medications on time, and do the needful exercises (if prescribed). An asthma specialist belonging to a well-researched health facility will draw up an action plan for you to follow long term.

Why Choose NOIP for COPD Treatment in Michigan

When seeking treatment, it is important that you choose an asthma specialist employed in an illustrious health facility. Renowned medical facilities get their status because their services have proven reliable to the community, and that was only possible because these establishments invested heavily on research and development before they formulated their services and assembled their team of medical professionals. This means that not only will your symptoms be accurately identified and acutely targeted with high quality solutions, but you will also get all your other needs met such as advice, action plans, therapy, etc.

NOIP is one such facility in Michigan. After years of research, we have refined our services to ensure that not only do our patients feel at ease with our specialists, but they also feel they are going home with hope and a high-quality solution to their problems once they leave our vicinity.


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Though both are chronic lung diseases, Asthma and COPD differ in terms of their causes. COPD is often caused by destructive habits like smoking, whereas asthma is more of an inflammatory reaction.

If you have a stubborn cough, wheeze when breathing, or notice a different breathing pattern from your normal one, you should get yourself to an asthma doctor.

Sit upright, take long and deep breaths, move away from the trigger, drink a hot caffeinated beverage, and if things don’t seem to calm down, urgently seek medical help.

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