Keep Your Health in Check with an
Annual Wellness Visit in Michigan

By making an annual wellness visit in michigan with NOIP you can keep track of your health, take preventative measures against looming illnesses, and maintain recovery.

Annual Wellness Visit in Michigan

What is an Annual Wellness Visit?

Annual wellness visit is a yearly preventative visit that give patients an opportunity to create, or update, a health plan customized according to their needs. Through yearly preventative healthcare sessions, you can focus on maintaining the wellness of your health and blocking the emergence of health issues before they set their roots. This removes the factor of waiting around for your body to sound the alarm of brewing, possibly fatal, health condition.

What is included in an Annual Wellness Visit?

There are three main components of an annual visit:

Health Risk Assessment (HRA): this consists of the patients filling out a questionnaire that contains al the details about themselves and their health.

Vitals: this routine concerns collecting data like your weight, height, and blood pressure to analyze the possibility of a cardiovascular disease, stroke, and hypertension.

Consultation: this step comprises of transforming the results collected in HRA into a long stretching healthcare plan.

Why Choose NOIP for Annual Wellness Visit in Michigan

Being put through such a thoroughly intrusive routine can be uncomfortable for many. Whether it is disclosing sensitive information like health issues and history or being put through certain tests to gauge your progress, you want to be around a medical staff you can trust. NOIP has worked tirelessly to build a medical team that instills faith in patients that they are in the right hands.

We have cherrypicked internists and other medical professionals who are experts in their field, and who can immediately pinpoint any oddity that might need to be looked at while developing preventative measures that suit the patients’ needs. NOIP professionals devote themselves to constant learning and bringing in newer and better tools and methods to the institute to add efficiency within the healing process.


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This is a yearly healthcare appointment that helps create an updated, personalized health plan for prevention or maintenance of illnesses.

An annual wellness exam consists of a health risk assessment, vital records, and consultation.

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