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Through uninterrupted and detailed doctor-patient session our internal medicine clinic practices long-term prevention and management of various illnesses.

NOIP as your Primary Health Care Provider

At NOIP we don’t just seek to provide you with optimal healthcare services to treat debilitating illnesses, in fact we strive to extinguish discomfort in pursuing medical assistance. Instead of diving into the typical patient doctor routine we prime the experience through specific mechanisms to induce a sense of ease in our patients.

Every patient who visits NOIP is important to us, and we endeavor to show that by facilitating detailed doctor patient sessions and enabling pre-booking of appointments. We put our patients’ interest first by fostering a doctor patient relationship along with tending to your mind and spirit. We ensure complete patient confidentiality at our internal medicine clinic, and one on one prolonged care from our certified professionals.

Primary Health Care Providers
North Oakland Internist, PC

How We Facilitate Your Healing

Patient Confidentiality

Every information you provide us remains sealed in our records.

Detailed Discussions

Lengthy discussions allow accurate treatment of complex issues.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We use advanced tools to target and heal complicated disorders.

No More Waiting Lines

Meet our doctor immediately by pre-booking appointments online.

Certified Professionals
We only hire medically certified professionals to look after you.
Constant Health Upkeep

For complex issues, we offer packages for constant health upkeep


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